How To Know If You Were Wrongfully Terminated?

It sucks to be called into your employer’s office especially if you know you are going to be reprimanded for a late submission. But nothing blows you up in the face more than hearing your boss say pack up your things and leave. In this material-driven world, everyone wants to have a job. No, let me rephrase that, everyone NEEDS a job.

The reason why we have bags under our eyes and the reason why barely eat healthy food is because we have somehow become enslaved to our work. Workaholics don’t even have the time to take care of themselves let alone their families because they concentrate and invest all their time and energy in the workplace just to make ends meet. So yes, inarguably we need the job no matter how tiring because there are bills to pay, mouths to feed and credit cards to clear. If you want to sustain the lifestyle that you are used to, you really have no other choice but to find employment.

In reality, finding a job isn’t as easy as it seems. But once you do find one, the work doesn’t end there because sustaining it can be twice as hard. Many a times, we work our assess of to impress our bosses so we can get a promotion but there are also times when instead of getting a praise for a job well done, we get fired instead. Ideally, the reason for termination should be disclosed. If you believe that you did your best and that you were doing your job dutifully and that you didn’t do anything wrong to deserve that kind of fate, then my suggestion is you seek the counsel of unfair dismissal lawyers Brisbane. The best time to contact an unfair dismissal lawyer is when your employer wrongfully terminated you.

So how do you know if you were wrongfully terminated?

One reason why is when your employer violated your written contract. Prior to officially employing you, it is a standard operating procedure that your employer, present a written contract where you are supposed to sign at the bottom of the page, agreeing to the terms. If after reviewing the contract you discover that your employer violated his or her promises then you can use that as evidence and report it to your unfair dismissal lawyer.

Another reason for wrongful termination is when you were discriminated against. Unfortunately, not a lot of employees are aware of their rights. Do you know that the anti-discrimination law that protected you when you were in the process of being hired also applies when you are fired? If you were fired because of your sexual orientation, your age (if you are over forty years old), or if you have a disability, or your gender or race or national origin then that, my friend, warrants an unfair dismissal lawyer. You can either get a basic award or a compensatory award or you can be re-engaged or reinstated.

You need to know your rights because when push comes to shove, at least you know what to do and who to call so you can get the compensation and the treatment you deserve.