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‘‘At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice.

Even though quite old, this quote of Aristotle rings fairly faithful to this day.It is usually unhappened when we are or who we want to be, laws and regulations govern our lives to quite an extent. Knowing these regulations can help the ordinary person to know what his or her rights and laws are. This is the philosophy behind the start of the Street Law Handbook.

Through interactive sessions and practices, we ensure that our readers and subscribers are aware of the current legal scenario in their country. If you are a teach or student, or just a citizen who wants to learn the law of the country in the easiest and most interesting way possible, through interesting teaching methodologies, we’re right here.

Street Law Handbook has been made to facilitate the teaching of law to audiences that are at the grass-root level, through methods of teaching that make the session informative and fun at the same time.


We teach the following laws and policies to the clients:

  1. Awareness of human rights/civil rights: these laws include the teaching or peace, democracy, development, or the basic rights and responsibilities of a person
  2. Conflict resolution: The laws that govern or the policies that help in reducing or eliminating conflicts in the society.
  3. Consumer rights: the rights of the user that allow him or her to get the exact quality for money, and challenge an action due to a legal or social contract.
  4. Criminal and civil law: Laws that deal with the occurrence of criminal/illegal activities or damage compensation. In civil rights, a person’s loss is compensated by the other party through court. In criminal cases, the court prosecutes the criminal and decides the penalty for the offense.
  5. Employment law: Laws that include wage laws, equal employment acts and others related to overtime, work and employee benefits. These laws govern the relationships between employees and employers.
  6. Family laws: Rules that encompass marriage and rules about conflicts that arise from the institute of marriage.

Street Law Handbook has been designed for anyone, anywhere out there who has an interest in the legal foundations of and the way of law in the state.

Join us up for a course of a lifetime and gain the most out of our interactional website.